Fall, Halloween & Bare™

Fall is here, where's Bare? Bare’s production continues to progress as we’re filling up our offices with prototypes. Some would say perfection is a ridiculous goal but we at Bittylab believe that perfection should be the standard practice, not a lofty goal. And for us….perfection is just around the corner, so stay tuned. Don’t forget to register if you’d like to get news on all upcoming events such as giveaways, pre-sales, the BARE launch and much more. 

Now to our not so spooky giveaway…… Halloween is here and with it comes low temperatures. Most of you are aware that Bittylab loves to partner with mom-invented products and host monthly giveaways. We searched for appropriate items to open the season and selected the mom-inventor Susan Lowery. When Susan first started running, it didn’t matter that she had to stop to fix and readjust her child’s blanket. It gave her an excuse to catch her breath. But as she got faster and stronger, she didn’t want anything to hold her back. She needed a blanket that would keep her kids warm and dry, wouldn’t get tangled in the wheels and was easy to care for.

She and her husband, Travis, created The Motr B, the Moms on the Run Blanket to keep them going!

The Motr B is our October giveaway!! Just enter your information here on our Blog or on our Facebook page to win. You do not need to enter it twice, either one will do.

How to Enter:

1. Fill out the 1 time permanent form on the right;

2. “Like” Bittylab’s Facebook page and the Giveaway’s product page; and

3. Cross your fingers and wait for the end of the month’s winner(s) announcement!

Look for the giveaway announcement on the right sidebar. Our giveaways usually start in the middle of the month and run through the end of the month.