It all started 2 years ago...

It is 2:00am and I'm wide awake. Carlton, 4 weeks old, won't stop crying. I've tried gas drops, anis seed tea, warm water and nothing has worked. People keep telling me to just "let him cry to sleep," but I can't do that--I'd be crying more than he would. I know he's not hungry as I've just given him the usual 2oz. of formula.

In the first week after his birth I solely breast fed him, but he wasn't getting enough food. His doctor suggested that I supplement with formula. Yet, for the last three weeks, he's constantly been crying and requires all of my attention--I'm so tired and just need to sleep. He doesn't spit up or vomit, he's just in pain. Gas pain.

So far we tried Dr. Brown’s and Ventaire (by Playtex). Dr. Brown’s leaked all the time and I just couldn't deal with all 7 pieces to clean and brush and assemble every time. Ventaire was simpler but the gas pain persisted. As it turns out all air-vented bottles create a constant flow of air into the bottle in order to prevent nipple collapsing and air bubbles within the milk, but where does this airflow go?? Well, much of it gets ingested by the baby.