What annoys you the most?

I’m designing a baby bottle that actually does what others claim.  For example, I believe that current baby bottles over-state their effectiveness at reducing the mixing of air with milk.

• Some claim to reduce oxidation and retain vitamins longer because of an air vent that prevents air bubbles in the milk (at least that’s what I get from claims on packaging).  But the air-vent allows a fresh supply of air to enter the bottle and touch the milk.   I don’t see bubbles but I see air.  How can a bottle that constantly exposes milk to air claim to reduce oxidation?

• Some have a vent at the bottom of the bottle, but again, air is constantly entering the bottle, touching the milk, mixing with the milk and ultimately gets ingested by the baby!!

• Some claim to have a vent right on the nipple, which is probably the worst kind of vent since it lets air thru milk. Again, I may not see air bubbles but I definitely see milk exposed to air inside the bottle.

What if there was a way to completely eliminate air from inside a bottle?

I’d love to hear what you like or don’t like about the baby bottle you use or used.