The bottle must adapt to the baby – not the other way around

I am convinced there must be a better way. From now on I’m on a personal mission to create the perfect baby bottle that will help mothers enjoy their babies without worrying about colic, gas, fuss, sleepless night, etc.

I began by going to several stores to purchase one of every nurser on the market. I tested each bottle to see how well it works, how the parts are designed, how easy or difficult it is to take it apart for cleaning and so on. Then I created a list of all the problems that need to be addressed; ie: mixing of air and liquid, difficult to clean, difficult to assemble while holding baby, must be held upside down, etc. 

Now the challenge begins. I think this bottle should be inspired by mother’s breast. Every feature should be designed to reproduce a natural breast feeding experience, from the shape of the nipple to the way the milk is delivered to the baby. The bottle must adapt to the baby – not the other way around.

As I began putting my ideas on paper, I realized I could bring my invention to market. I incorporated a business under the name of bittylab LLC, with the mission to deliver innovative, functional & technologically advanced products designed to solve specific baby & mother needs.