Bacteria growth in baby bottles

Here’s a quick biology lesson. At room temperature, bacteria cells multiply by splitting and doubling their numbers every 20 to 30 minutes. This process, called oxidation or decomposition, causes vitamins and nutrients in milk to disintegrate over time. Baby backwash can also cause bacteria growth due to contamination.

There are several ways to slow down bacteria growth in foods, like refrigeration (lower temperatures inhibit bacteria growth) and vacuum treatment. Vacuum Treatment іѕ air-free or air-extracted storage of food in an air-tight container. In an air-free environment, bacteria is deprived οf thе oxygen іt needs to multiply and grow. Hence, thе growth οf thеѕе micro-organisms іѕ slowed аnd food stays fresh longer. 

BARE air-free baby bottle maintains an air-free environment to prevent oxidation and contamination. The air-plug™ enables mom to expel any air that remains in the bottle after filling with milk and installing the nipple. Just like a hypodermic syringe, you push the air-plug™ from the bottom up until you see a drop of milk coming out of the nipple. The Perfe-latch™ nipple, with specially designed slits that act like tiny one-way valves, lets milk out but doesn’t allow air or baby backwash in. 

In conclusion, BARE air-free baby bottle inhibits bacteria-growth due to its air-tight properties, keeping milk fresher, healthier and more nutritious than vented bottles.

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