Bond with your baby, go BARE!

Bonding with your baby is probably one of the most pleasurable aspects of infant care. You can begin by cradling your baby and gently stroking him or her in different patterns. If you and your partner both hold and touch your infant frequently, your little one will soon come to know the difference between your touches. Each of you should also take the opportunity to be "skin to skin" with your newborn by holding him or her against your own skin when feeding or cradling.

When a mom breastfeeds her baby, bonding may come naturally. But for the other 70% of parents, BARE air-free baby bottles offer the closest experience to breastfeeding. The tip of the nipple extends up to 2 times inside the baby’s mouth, just like a mother’s breast. BARE dispenses milk upon suction only, and 100% air-free. Mother’s breasts store milk in glands called lobes, they dispense milk upon suction only and 100% air-free. Choosing carefully the kind of baby bottle you use with your baby could be key to successfully bond with your baby.

The Ways Babies Bond

When you're a new parent, it often takes a while to understand your newborn's true capabilities and all the ways you can interact:

• Touch becomes an early language as babies respond to skin-to-skin contact. It's soothing for both you and your baby while promoting your baby's healthy growth and development.

• Eye-to-eye contact provides meaningful communication at close range.

• Babies can follow moving objects with their eyes.

• Your baby tries — early on — to imitate your facial expressions and gestures.

Babies prefer human voices and enjoy vocalizing in their first efforts at communication. Babies often enjoy just listening to your conversations, as well as your descriptions of their activities and environments.