ABC Kids Show

We are back from the ABC Show. What a great experience! The big brands were there of course but to my surprise, I met a lot of fabulous mom-preneurs promoting all kinds of products from a device that reduces the pain of vaccinations to bottle bibs, sunshades, and inflatable booster seats. These are all moms who were unhappy/frustrated with commercially available solutions and decided to invent and market their own useful product.

BARE air-free baby bottles got the attention of many attendees; the ones who have heard about it were amazed that it worked as expected. Others who discovered BARE at the show were genuinely excited and agreed that BARE is the “next generation” in baby bottles. Some of our competitors came over to see me demonstrate BARE in action. One particular man wearing the identity of a major baby bottle brand seemed very concerned and after I did the demo, his face turned pale, then he quickly left without talking. Normally I’d expect a “thank you” or question but he really looked alarmed and threatened which I found amusing.

After a first day full of international buyers, the second and third days were more about domestic buyers. Many independent retailers were excited by the demonstration and want to carry the BARE bottles. On the fourth day I was elated to learn from someone at my booth that BARE bottles are featured in the Daily, a tabloid distributed at the show. That woke me up and put a smile on my face. BARE was picked from thousands of products to be written up, now that’s amazing!!