In the long journey of making BARE air-free baby bottles, I came across a group of ladies that have helped me bring a lot of my thoughts together. This network lives within Facebook and its members are mompreneurs that have products in the market. Most of us will attend the ABC Kids Show in Kentucky and I will meet them for the first time. 

Some of these moms have been doing this for years and some are start-ups like myself. Some sell specifically in local boutiques, some of it are in big national chains. I have to say, I wish I knew about all of these useful products when I was pregnant. I’m happy to learn about them while I can still use them with my 2 kids (3 and 4 years old). It’s amazing to see the common denominator amongst these moms and learn that overall 65% of moms feel neglected by large corporations when it comes to convenience and usability of products.

Here’s a link to most of the products