BARE air-free is the second most natural way of feeding your baby, but is it Green?

At Bittylab, we believe that good nutrition begins at day one. Breast milk is the best nutrition for babies. When you can’t breastfeed, BARE is here to help you and your baby with a good start.

  • Promotes breastfeeding: the Perfe-latch™ nipple is a device that behaves like a prosthetic feeding nipple. Because it starts small, it helps baby learn to open his mouth wide to get a latch onto the areola part, only then the small nipple touches his/her tongue and triggers the suction process. Once baby sucks, the nipple stretches to reach between the soft and hard palette and begins to dispense milk. Another reason to breastfeed is because mom produces milk with different nutrient values at different times of the day. Other bottles make feeding too easy for the baby; they dispense milk before baby begins to suck and the unnatural nipple shape promotes improper latching by allowing baby to latch on the tip.
  • Safest materials available: BARE air-free baby bottles are made with the same safe material as medical devices, like syringes for example. BARE is BPA-free, PVC-free, Lead-free & Phthalate-free. 
  • Economical and better for the environment: BARE has no consumable components like drop-in bags that are used once and discarded, adding to landfill waste. BARE’s components are designed to be sterilized and reused hundreds of times before needing replacement. BARE was engineered to minimize the amount of material in production to reduce environmental impact. All parts are designed for easy disassembly and washing to promote good hygiene. 
  • Healthier feeding: BARE’s ability to dispense milk without air vents creates an air-tight environment. The lack of air inside a BARE bottle inhibits bacteria growth and retains milk nutrients longer for healthier feeding. The patented air-plug™ helps prevent baby’s backwash from penetrating the bottle. This vent-less system dispenses air-free milk to help prevent air swallowing that leads to gas and colic in babies. BARE allows baby to take only what he/she needs by dispensing milk upon suction only. 
As responsible parents, we try to find a balance between sustainability, affordability, and leading a healthy lifestyle in general. One of the easy things to do was breastfeed my babies for as long as I could. Well, things don’t always work according to plan. As a result, BARE air-free was born to help combo moms continue to breastfeed. That’s my contribution towards making earth a better place.