Breastfeed friendly/Best anti-colic bottle

Dear Moms and Dads,

As you know, from reading my by-weekly blogs, I made it my responsibility to bring BARE air-free to the market at a reasonable price and to a store close to you. Numerous prototypes have been made to test and perfect what will be the first breastfeed friendly / best anti-colic baby bottle. I’m very excited to report that testing is nearly complete and we are in the final stages of development. We will also soon be able to announce what retailers will carry BARE air-free baby bottles in stores and online. However, situations beyond my control are delaying the launch of BARE to later in 2012. I’ve been inundated with emails and social media posts asking for a release date. Please be patient, bringing a product with so many new and innovative features to market is always full of unexpected challenges.

In September of this year we had a booth at the annual ABC Show in Kentucky. People who came to our booth saw me demonstrating a prototype BARE bottle attached to a standard electric breast pump, they were astonished to see how the Perfe-latch™ nipple extended upon suction and the Air-plug™ moving up inside the bottle as water was sucked out. I will release a video of this prototype working in the next couple of weeks.

We at Bittylab are totally focused on bringing BARE to market as soon as humanly possible. As usual, I’ll update you with more information as the BARE bottle moves towards production and when it will be ready for clinical trials.