Moms know better

Necessity is the mother of invention. No one knows better than a mom when it comes to her baby’s needs. Moms constantly question the purpose of many mom/baby products on the market. They often encounter useless products that fail to serve their needs. In order to make her baby comfortable and make her life easier, moms are constantly coming up with a better way of doing things and either invent something totally new or modify an existing product. Some of these moms share their ideas with other moms who often say, “Oh you should sell that, it’s so useful!!” Then, a product is born along with a new career.

While many moms are novices in the formation of a business enterprise, their desire to share their products with the world serves as a catalyst to embark in the manufacturing world. Each step along the way has its own rewards and gratification.

Personally, I find it tremendously gratifying that moms who have heard of BARE air-free are very anxious to use it with their babies because it fulfills a common, yet unmet need.

As I’m moving ahead with the production of BARE, I want to promote other moms who have had a brilliant idea and have turned it into a product. So every month Bittylab will be teaming up with mom-invented products and hosting giveaway contests. Be sure to participate and support moms in business.