Where can I buy this bottle already!!!

Hi readers, yes... I hear you. Lots of you are asking “where can I buy it, I need it NOW.” Well we are working at the speed of light to bring you BARE as soon as we can. As I mentioned before BARE is going thru rigorous tests to perform its best. A safe assumption is that we will have distribution in the summer/fall.

What’s the drama this month? We are still meeting with retailers, discussing details of how and where to sell it. As I said before, my goal is to bring BARE to moms who need it, regardless of income level, the more affordable, the better. All of that’s being ironed out.

Manufacturing is running, soon I’ll post some pictures. After meeting with practically all (or most) the plastics providers offering their best suitable products, we selected a big range of what we need. To ensure quality, we are testing, testing and testing some more.

Designing the packaging is getting to be a lot of fun, as expected we have many versions that we like but it’s yet to be finalized. Maybe I post some pictures to get your opinion.

Don’t forget to spread the word about BARE!!