Bittylab joins the earth day celebration – April 22, 2012

Earth Day is about enjoying what nature provides – the outdoors. Its about stopping and taking in the simple pleasures of our green spaces…. have a picnic, play sports, breastfeed in public, join the walk in other words... get out of the house!! 

The Nature Conservancy is one of the most recognized organizations that is dedicated to preserving nature and protecting life. They host great activities for families around the country and we encourage you to join in the celebration!

The Earth Day Network is another organization that creates awareness and raises funds to promote nature conservancy. Show your support by joining in the April 22nd Earth Day celebration on the National Mall in Washington DC or one of the other numerous events around the globe.

Bittylab is proud to celebrate Earth Day for the second time, as we turn 2 years old, and join in the celebrations around NYC. As parents we know it’s important to protect our children and environment from harmful chemicals by actively choosing products that are BPA/PVC/Lead/Phthalates-FREE. BARE is not only free from all harmful chemicals but goes one step beyond by utilizing the same medical grade materials used in such products as hypodermic syringes. The whole-earth concept of BARE is to mimic nature and provide as natural a baby bottle as humanly possible by mimicking breastfeeding mechanics and promoting instinctual sucking patterns in babies, like nature intended. Bittylab is also proudly committed to reducing our carbon footprint. Learn about our sustainable efforts here.

Enjoy a day outdoors on April 22th and celebrate Earth Day.