What you need to know about cord blood.

You're the type of parent that cares about your health, the environment and of course you want only the best for your children. This is why you chose BARE™ as your baby bottle for your baby-to-be.  Well, in case you’re not aware yet, here's another way you can do the best for you and your baby…you can save or "bank" your baby’s cord blood, which could potentially save your child’s life one day.

LisaMid2.jpgLisa Valastro, wife of TLC’s “Cake Boss,” a mother of four and a cord blood banking advocate, is partnering with a national cord blood bank and a not-for-profit organization to help propel more parents to fully consider the option of saving their newborn’s cord blood stem cells.
Buddy Valastro might be known for his famous cakes, but Lisa has her own recipe for protecting her children’s health.
“Stem cells are like nature’s repair kit for the body,” explains Valastro. “Buddy and I could never live with ourselves if we didn’t preserve something as valuable as our children’s cord blood stem cells.  We need to help other families understand their value, too.”

It’s a big decision to make for all mommies-to-be so take the opportunity to get educated! Find out everything you need and want to know to make the informed decision that is right for you. “What Every Mama Needs To Know About Cord Blood Banking” is supported by LifebankUSA® and presented together with Save the Cord Foundation. Sign up today as space is limited: cordbloodmamalogue.webex.com.