BARE™ Photo shoot

Hi readers,

We are happy to report that we are making significant strides towards a successful BARE launch later this year. Between now and then we will be hosting many events, so stay tuned.

One such event is this coming weekend – the BARE photo session with 5 lucky winners from our BARE photo contest. You may have notice that we ran a photo contest in search of 5 babies to be our BARE babies. We received 100s of submissions, but unfortunately, we had to limit our choice to 5 babies, with a mix of boys and girls of various ages. Our selection of babies was based on gender and the age of the child. We thank all of the parents who participated and will keep you in our database for other photo shoots.

This coming week we’ll spend getting geared up for the big day. We’ll be choosing outfits, accessories, props and finalizing the location.

Thank you so much to all the moms who entered the contest. All of your babies are truly adorable and we wish we could use them all! Who knows, maybe we will.

Here's what we about to replace.