Photo shoot, Part 2

I wanted to give you an update on our very successful photo shoot. Before I do that, however, I would like to give special thanks to all the great people who made this possible, including all the moms, dads and babies. They were all cooperating wonderfully to get the best out of the moment.  

Hannah Feasel, Photgraphy

Hannah, who is Ivy League educated, started her career as a photographer as a teenager. Her eye for obtaining a great picture every time has taken her all over the world, snapping pictures for the local media as well as businesses in a variety of industries. Her work has been in the eye of the public all over Europe. Thanks for lending a hand to Bittylab and best of luck, Hannah! 718.459.3485

Accessoriy Connectz from The Boutique Kids 

A very good friend of mine, Monica Wreede, donated hair accessories and baby outfits for this event., Undoubtedly, her accessories truly take the picture personality to the next level. Matching the BARE™ branding, Monica made a great selection of outfits and hair accessories for my little models. Thank you, Monica. 

Pump-a-pair by Your Pumping Station 

Another Mom-preneur fellow friend, Lyndsay Szymanski, donated her very useful products for breastfeeding moms. The great items were distributed to the shoot participating parents. Thank you, Lyndsay, for your generous donation. 

Thanks to all the moms, dads and babies who were part of the BARE™ photo event. I am pleased to say that all of the tiny participants loved BARE™. They immediately and effortlessly figured out that their lips had to be wide opened and latched on the areola part of the Perfe-latch™ nipple. Once they began suction, the texture on the nipple was a fascination for some of them and they simply couldn’t get enough of BARE™. Miley, a six-month-old cutie, was a pleasure to work with. Lily, who was seven months old, was really sweet and loved the camera. Unexpectedly, Lily’s dad was caught in the picture doing what he loves most, feeding Lily, and it turned out to be a great shot! The three-month-old Eddie was an angel; he felt very comfortable in my arms and peacefully gave the camera his best smiles while I was holding him. Jenesses, our four-month-old model, was a natural; the camera loved her and she loved the camera. Jaziel is only ten months old, but he showed us all that he could run!! I loved the fact that his mommy was expecting her second child (another runner, perhaps?). The duo reminded me of me and my son, except that my boy didn’t walk until he was 14 months old. 

I hope that everyone enjoyed the photo session as much as I did.

Jaziel, 10 months

Eddie, 3 months

Jenesses, 4 months

Lily, 7 months

Miley, 6 months