Bare Pre-sale

 Bare air-free baby bottles are coming to market at the
end of July. Pre-sale starts mid June.

A quick recap for the first-time readers: Bare’s development has now reached it’s 4 year mark! A lot of unforeseen issues kept pushing back the launch date over the past year, but now we are super thrilled to report that all of the issues have been ironed out and the July date is written in stone.

Our Pre-sale is scheduled for mid-June and opened to everyone. Specific dates and links will be published soon. For wholesale and retail inquiries click here.

We have a long waiting list of loyal fans who have been following our story since the beginning and as a way to say thank you, we will email discount codes and an invitation to a peek preview to jump on the pre-order line before the general public. So if you haven’t yet, go ahead and register now.

Here are the details:

1. Products: During the Pre-sale we’ll be offering 2 great products, the Bare 8oz single pack and Bare 4oz single pack.

2. Price: Each product will be offered at $14.99 (minus any discount codes you may have)

3. Restriction: Due to the overwhelming demand for Bare®, the maximum allowed quantity will be 6 bottles per a single order.

Because the Pre-sale event will have only limited quantities, we ask that those with babies still in the oven let those with more pressing needs have a chance to order first. That way Bare will be available for those who are in most need. We promise that there will be more inventory arriving monthly to fill any and all future orders.

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