Bare ready for Production!

We have been working non-stop since January to bring you our first full scale production of Bare products. As some of you may have been following, we started our consumer testing in January, which helped us to further refine a couple of the Bare parts. By mid February we received the new parts and re-tested those parts with great success. We are happy and thrilled to report that this was our last revision to the Bare parts and we can finally move into production.

What’s left to do? Oh boy! I almost feel like this is just the beginning as every stage of development and marketing brings new challenges. While our manufacturer is prepping our first production run, we’ve started to plan our Pre-sale. In addition, we’re in the process of redesigning our website to include a lot more information about Bare’s product line and our findings during the Bare testing phase. Specifically, our testing confirmed that Bare’s feature, which allows for upright feeding, is not only key to helping babies with gas, but also those with a GERDS diagnosis. Our new website will also include information about our future research plans into the other benefits that Bare has to offer. And, we have added detailed usage instructions and troubleshooting, with instructional videos to come.

“When?” you ask. We are working out the production schedule with our manufacturer and we’ll have exact dates and schedules within a week or so. I’m confident that our next update will have dates on the Pre-sale and delivery.

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