May 1st, 2011 Bittylab to unveil its baby bottle.

Dear readers,

We are preparing for the big on-line unveiling on May 1st, just a few days away.

A whole new website will launch where we talk about bittylab's baby bottle. Why is this bottle the best, how each component was designed to address all mom's issues, see how it works. A fully redesigned blog to host your opinions and discussions directly from our website. And most importantly, an opportunity to become an active participant in this process. For a limited time the bottle will be available for pre-order and coming to retailers later this year. Bittylab is committed to only offer the best quality product for your baby, is why we are submitting this bottle to some rigorous lab studies, clinical trials, and consumer testing before it comes to you.

Thank you and look out for May 1st, follow us on twitter for the coolest freebies, be our friend on Facebook to learn the latest news and visit our website for more info and leave your opinion.