Encouraging breastfeeding

As I’m designing the perfect baby bottle, part of my mission is to promote breast feeding or at least pumping or expressing milk. My sister had her first baby six weeks before I did. She had a fever while delivering her baby and for that reason the baby was kept in ICU for 2 days. Although she was constantly there and trying to breast feed her baby, the nurses bottle fed her baby a few times. The combination of her baby preferring the bottle over her breast and cracked/sore nipples swayed my sister away from breast feeding.

The way I’m designing the nipple to perform on this baby bottle works so similar to the breast that it even trains the baby to latch on properly in order to feed. This may actually help alleviate the initial nipple soreness that breast feeding moms often experience due to improper latching and may encourage new moms to continue breast feeding without giving up due to discomfort. One of the rigorous tests that I’m putting this bottle thru is to prove this point and I will be able to claim: “99% of newborns that were fed with bittylab’s baby bottle were proven to have better latching on mom’s breast making the experience pleasurable without the expected nipple soreness”… stay tuned!!

I’d like to hear about you’re experience; why did you or someone you know stop (or never tried) breast feeding?