Most user friendly Baby bottle

My apologies readers, I'm a little behind on this blog. The baby bottle needs to go back to the drawing table because I want this to be the most user-friendly baby bottle. I'm trying to reduce the number of components by co-molding parts comprised of two different materials. It costs more to manufacture but I think it’s worth the extra expense.  For example, the nipple and collar should be one piece, all sealants and gaskets should be permanently part of the main piece, the nipple doesn't screw on; it snaps on with a slight push, etc. I remember being at a dinner with Carlton, he was about 3 months, I was holding him and trying to make his bottle with one hand but it turned into mission impossible!! I ended up putting my baby down on the bench to prepare his bottle. At the same time, another mom was trying to do the same; she had her baby in a baby carriage that was awkwardly placed in a highly trafficked area and being accidentally kicked every time someone went by. Why can't one have it all? I thought to my self. A baby bottle should be one-hand operation and a baby carrier should be able to convert into a smaller unit to fit in confined areas.  The list of Bittylab projects grows.  I want to do everything at once but I remind myself; one step at a time.  Baby bottle first.