The science behind BARE air-free baby bottles

BARE is unique because the individual parts are designed to work in synergy, creating a superior air-free feeding system to prevent air-swallowing that leads to gas and colic: 
  1. BARE’s patented air-plug (which is inserted into the bottom of the bottle) is designed to maintain water-tight seal and easy movement throughout the length of bottle as it slides toward the nipple when baby feeds. 
  2. The bottle compartment is designed to maintain a neutral sucking pressure from top to bottom regardless of liquid viscosity (mother’s milk, water, fruit juice or formula). In other words, the baby can maintain a consistent drinking flow and control the amounts with suction strength, like nature intended. 
  3. The perfe-latch nipple has miniature one-way valves in tip to dispense contents only upon suction (like a mom’s nipple); it lets liquid out but no air in. The nipple and collar are molded together as one part to ensure an air-tight seal, simplify cleaning and easy assembly. The patented design has a one-of-a-kind feature that allows the nipple to grow in length when baby sucks (to mimic a mother’s nipple that triples in length inside the baby’s mouth). Because it starts small, baby doesn’t have a choice but to open his mouth wide in order to latch. This helps prevent nipple confusion and promotes good latching techniques. Perfe-latch nipple easily mounts to the top of bottle using an enhanced design with an indicator that lets mom know it is securely attached. 
  4. Nipple Cap is designed to protect and cover the nipple when baby is not drinking. 
Additionally, BARE’s airtight seal helps maintain the contents fresher and healthier longer.

BARE promotes development of self-feeding because it works with suction as opposed to gravity. A toddler can begin self-feeding as soon as he can bring BARE to his mouth without having to turn a bottle upside-down or to learn to recline or lie down in order to drink. Putting your baby to sleep with a bottle may increase the chances to become obese by age 5. Pediatricians recommend weaning baby off bottle after 12 months.

A message from BARE: Please breastfeed your baby for as long as you can, we are here to help.