ABC Kids Trade Show, September 23-26

The ABC Kids Trade Show is coming up in a few weeks and Bittylab will introduce BARE air-free baby bottles to the world!!!

Our booth is an endcap located between the "modern child" section and "new products" booth #4057. Designing the booth is a challenging but fun assignment, I like to think that the BARE bottle makes a sterile but elegant fashion statement. I think I'll have giant images on the back wall. I love QR codes, I have to create a few for v-card, website and press info. I have to design all the collateral, I think a beautiful and delicate brochure will do the job. I should probably take dolls to demonstrate the product?? The whole booth should be white and my custom "Turk" scheme. Hope to see you all there!! 

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BARE air-free have been selected as a finalist on Mommy MD Guides.