“Nipplegate” – Bittylab’s point of view

“Nipplegate” – Bittylab’s point of view
By: Priska Diaz, Founder/CEO of Bittylab

Over the past few days, my husband and I have watched the web fill with commentary and media articles in response to Bittylab’s Twitter campaign from last week. There have been a lot of negative comments as well as confusion over our intention with the campaign, and I wanted to take this opportunity to explain.

First and foremost, we at Bittylab want to apologize to everyone that this campaign inadvertently offended.

As I’ve been telling my story over and over on this blog, I had my first child 5 years ago, and just 13 months later I had my second. While I had all the support in the world from my spouse, there’s no question that my life suddenly changed from feeling totally in control to one full of uncertainties. I remember feeling thrust into a new world full of unfamiliar experiences and a lot of trial and error. After several months of sleep deprivation, exhaustion, frustration, weakness and living in a surreal world of bliss, rainbows and celebrating the new arrival, my body needed a break. Many moms would agree, based on the hundreds of emails I continue to get on a weekly basis, expressing similar feelings. Moms simply need a night out with their spouse, like a romantic dinner or a movie, to rekindle the romance and take a brief vacation from the pressures of parenting. The intention of our campaign was to say to dads; it’s okay for mom to take a few self-indulgent hours off and the BARE™ bottle makes that possible without disrupting the breastfeeding relationship. Everyone, even moms, occasionally need personal time to recharge, restore balance and find the strength to continue being the best parent she can be.

There were good intentions behind last week’s Twitter/Marketing campaign and I hope my letter in conjunction with the thousands of holistic messages we have put out over the past couple of years will clarify that. With that in mind, I’d also like to thank those moms and dads who have defended Bittylab over the past few days and focused on what is really important – the product and how it will aid both moms and dads in the near future!

Speaking of...I am thrilled to share some exciting news!! We have final production pieces and we’re getting ready to begin trials in a few weeks. Perfe-latch™ nipples, cap and collar are ready and in my hands.