BARE™ Trials 2012

Hi again, I’m extremely excited to tell you what’s happening this month. Are you sitting down? Here it is:

By invitation only and exclusively to BARE™ subscribers/fans, Bittylab scheduled the BARE™ trials 2012. Only 200 lucky moms will get to try BARE™ for the first time with their babies. Invitations were sent at the beginning of the month and I can’t tell you how thrilled we are with the number of responses we received.

The Trials will be followed by a pre-sale period to offer moms BARE™ before it hits the stores. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity. Become a BARE™ fan by registering and liking us on FB and twitter. We’ll shout out the pre-sales thru our social media. So if you or someone you know is pregnant or has a baby already, spread the word.

Don’t miss my exclusive interview by Rachel Olsen, founder of Best Mom Products. “When this mom had a challenging time breastfeeding and had to bottle feed, she realized that breasts don’t have air vents, why should bottles? She took her AHA moment and combined it with her extensive product design experience and created BARE, the only air-free baby bottle. Slated to launch in 2012, she has spent 5 years on design, manufacturing and marketing.” — Rachel Olsen