A Bare™ Holiday!!

The Holidays are upon us and with that, the count down to pre-order your BARE bottle is just around the corner. Yes, you heard that right! After almost 3 years of research and development, a breastfeeding mom has finally made “THE” bottle for your breastfed baby. In a few days, we will announce the exact dates for pre-ordering and delivery. Our loyal fans/registrants will have access before anyone else. However, with limited quantities be sure to get your order in quickly. Register to get on our V.I.P. list.

BARE™ is the only air-free baby bottle that closely mimics a mother’s breast and breastfeeding. With Air-plug™ technology that works similar to a syringe, BARE™ dispenses air-free contents to your baby, which helps to reduce gas/colic. The Perfe-latch™ nipple extends upon suction to emulate the mechanics of breastfeeding such as proper latching, suction strength and flow control, to reduce nipple confusion. You can see videos of a working prototype and a close up of Perfe-latch nipple on the right side of this blog.

BARE™ grows with your baby: The synergistic effect of combining these innovations into one bottle allows your toddler to feed at any angle, which promotes the development of early self-feeding and faster/easier weaning. The same feature minimizes backwash & spit up in the bottle, thereby reducing bacteria-growth and keeping the milk fresh longer. It’s healthier!