Bare’s finishing touches!

With the trials in full swing and production around the corner, here’s our latest update on Bare® air-free baby bottle.

We’re going through our trial period with almost 200 participants. We are so lucky that all of our participants are very patient and generous with their comments and initial feedback. We thank each of them and are extremely grateful for their participation and involvement.

We are putting the finishing touches on our packaging, which includes the introduction of color coding for easy identification of points of interest. It has been very challenging to create visuals that clearly convey the innovative features and advanced technology ie: our patented sliding air-plug inside the bottle and unique extending nipple.

As we’re also gearing up to start our Pre-sale event, which will follow the completion of trials, the rest of the details for our launch are getting wrapped up. Our manufacturing engineers are working on final tweaks to optimize the tools, which will allow for mass production, we’ve yet to confirm final dates of delivery on Bare®.

What will be launched? During our pre-sale event, we’ll sell single 8oz and 4oz bottles only. To kick off our launch, we will be offering surprises, games, giveaways, promotions, and much more! If you haven’t yet joined our online pages, please do so now so you won’t miss out on the latest announcements and news.