One step closer

The staff at Bittylab™ sits and listens for the unspoken demand and proudly accepts the toothless but rewarding smile of satisfaction from the little scientists that inspire, test and love our products. We are ecstatic to report that our Bare® Trial has concluded and the results far exceeded our expectations!!

Bare’s Perfe-latch® nipple was specifically designed for breast-fed babies and to support breastfeeding moms who want to supplement with a bottle, but we wanted to take the challenge and decided to test with non-breastfed babies as well. The trial included: exclusively breast-fed babies, exclusively bottle-fed babies and combo (breast and bottle) babies. These groups were subdivided by age and other criteria e.g. babies who suffer from acid reflux, gassy/fussy babies, babies who can self-feed, etc. The information that we have gathered from the wide range of babies in the trial was invaluable and will help us to provide you with the best product possible.

We continue to face small challenges that may take a few weeks to resolve and wanted to let you know that we are working around the clock to launch our Pre-sale as soon as possible. We thank our little scientists and wish everyone a happy Valentine’s Day. Love, Peace and Bare®!